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Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (DHD, Germany)
Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (NH, Germany)
Brest State Technical University (Belarus)

North China University of Technology (China)

Ulyanovsk State Technical University (Russia)
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September 24-27, 2019
About the Conference:

International Conference on Interactive Systems “Problems of Human-Computer Interaction” is a biennial forum exploring human-computer interaction. Researchers and practitioners in the field of computer science are invited to discuss the latest trends and challenges on AI’s theory and technology, the modern state of the human-computer interaction methods and instruments as well as their perspectives to develop further.

Two volumes shall be published after the Conference. The first one will include all the papers accepted by the reviewers and presented at the Conference. The second one will include the papers written in good English and shall be submitted to for online publication with the possibility of indexing in SCOPUS.

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